Although coaching has been around for decades, it can still be widely misunderstood. 

Here’s what will happen in coaching sessions

  • We start with a conversation, and big questions designed to evoke big answers.
  • Together we discuss the results and probe for deeper underlying truth.
  • Once we identify and name your values, we'll discover how you are  honouring them  (or not) 
  • We craft an action plan for you – practical, actionable steps to take – or challenges to help you shift your thinking.
  • On an ongoing basis we track your progress in working the plan, talking through and removing any barriers, challenges or roadblock along the way. 
  • We chart your progress and watch changes take hold.

Here’s what will NOT happen through coaching

  • I won’t tell you what to do.
  • I won’t give you my opinion.

The results & benefits of my coaching style and approach  

  • As your coach, I serve as a champion for your personal cause, challenging you, offering up new perspectives and pushing you out of your comfort zone in service of your growth. You'll consciously understand what you are saying yes to and what you are saying no to in your life.
  • With my support, coaching will help you: 
    • Discover and name the parts of your life you want more of;
    • Unearth stuff in the way – and get it out of the way;
    • Support you fully and completely in gaining the life you want; and 
    • Help you become a more authentic, switched-on version of yourself. 
    • Uncover your values and learn how you honour them everyday.
    • Make choices from a place of desire rather than fear.
    • Understand your psychological blocks and limiting beliefs.
    • Stop the internal self-chatter that holds you back from success.
    • Find a tangible understanding of your most purposeful life direction. 
    • Achieve a restorative way of living that supports your values, your talents and aspirations.

Fees, the way it works, and your investment

  • Time commitment - Coaching is an investment in your life. While the renewed sense of purpose and direction is apparent immediately, lasting change takes time. Consequently, if you wish to select me as a coach after the first exploratory conversation, I ask clients for a three-month commitment.
  • Communication mechanism – Depending on where you live and mutual schedules, we may  hold our coaching sessions in person, by Skype/FaceTime, or by telephone.   The in-person sessions can be held in my home in south Cambridge or other mutually agreeable private space. 
  • Schedule – Depending on availability and the urgency of your issues, we may decide to hold coaching sessions on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. We’ll work together to find a schedule that works. I am also available on a case-by case basis for coaching sessions as needed.  Sessions are 50 minutes. 
  • Fees- £75 per session, including a 2 hour Discovery session.  Concession rate available. 


And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings
— Meister Eckhart